100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farmers, when you buy farmer-owned Borden® cheese.
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  • Borden Cheese at 10:43am, September 2

    Borden Cheese updated their cover photo.

  • Andres Rojas at 9:42pm, September 1

    Hi how are you? Wich one is your colombian distributor? thank you.

  • Borden Cheese at 10:30am, September 1

    Take it easy, and make it cheesy! Kick back and relax on this lovely Labor Day.

  • Borden Cheese at 4:00pm, August 29

    Kabobs + Blanket + Basket = Instant Labor Day picnic.

  • Borden Cheese at 1:00pm, August 28

    Win free cheese by sharing this photo and leaving a comment telling us your favorite way to eat shredded Borden Cheese. Do this before 2 p.m. EST tomorrow, and you could win a coupon for free cheese! We’ll randomly select one winner. (view photo)

  • Jennie Cozine at 4:56pm, August 27

    Dear Borden... I purchased 4 bags of the INCREDIMELTS cheese, my family made pizzas for dinner last night... however your incredimelts cheese did not melt. AT ALL. i took pictures in case you wanted to see but i dont want to make a giant deal out of it i just thought yall should know ur cheese doesnt melt :) i wont be purchasing it again. why wouldnt cheese melt?

  • Borden Cheese at 1:30pm, August 26

    Happy National Dog Day! Because every farm should have a loyal farm dog. (view photo)

  • Borden Cheese at 9:00am, August 23

    Breakfast. They say it’s the most important meal of the day, and we couldn’t agree more. Treat yourself to a delicious egg and cheese panini melt this weekend, and don’t skimp on the cheese!

  • Borden Cheese at 3:45pm, August 21

    The kids may be going back to school, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to end. It’s the perfect night to grill out.

  • Carol Valenti at 12:27pm, August 21

    I'm havng the same issue as the woman below who can't find your fat free pepper jack cheese slices in Walmart (or anywhere). I miss them!! Where can I find this product? I'm in Raleigh, NC.

  • Tina Farris Molinaro at 12:49am, August 21

    A page of holiday recipes, pictures and fun. Check it out and give it a "Like" https://www.facebook.com/TeesTastyTreats1

  • Borden Cheese at 11:00am, August 19

    In honor of National Picnic Month, share this photo and you could win free cheese for your next outdoor meal! Tag your friends and leave a comment telling us how you incorporate Borden Cheese into your picnics. Do this before 12 p.m. EST tomorrow, and we’ll randomly select two lucky winners. (view photo)

  • Borden Cheese at 9:30am, August 18

    “Back to School” time means back to packed lunches. With Borden Natural Slices, your kids will never want to trade. (view photo)

  • Borden Cheese at 10:45am, August 16

    Give us your cheesiest lines! It’s National Tell a Joke Day. (view photo)

  • Borden Cheese at 12:00pm, August 15

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for string cheese! Share this photo and leave a comment telling us if you’re a “peeler” or a “biter” with your string cheese. Do this before 1 p.m. EST tomorrow, and you could win a coupon! We’ll randomly select one lucky cheese enthusiast. (view photo)

  • Barbara Caldwell at 12:40pm, August 14

    I would like to say for over 20 years we were eating kraft cheese, I decieded to change over to borden and I am so glad we did truly the best.

  • Borden Cheese at 1:00pm, August 12

    Sound advice for the rest of the summer season. (view photo)

  • Borden Cheese at 11:30am, August 11

    Happy National Picnic Month from Borden Cheese, where every meal is a picnic for our cows. (view photo)