100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farmers, when you buy farmer-owned Borden® cheese.
  • Jessica Torres at 9:20pm, April 16

    I have been searching everywhere for the fat free pepperjack singles and cannot find them anywhere, are the discontinued?

    • Borden Cheese at 4:30pm, April 17

      Hi Jessica – We’re so sorry that you’ve been unable to find our Fat Free Pepper Jack slices in your area. This product has not been discontinued; however, it is in limited distribution. We would like to see if we can find this in your area, kindly send us a private message with your zip code and we'll do some digging. We appreciate your reaching out and being such a loyal fan!

  • Borden Cheese at 11:00am, April 15

    Hopefully, this will make today less taxing. #TaxDay

  • Borden Cheese at 5:30pm, April 14

    Leftover pot roast? Transform it into a tasty sandwich melt. #Melty #Delicious

  • Borden Cheese at 11:00am, April 13

    Wise words about giving 100%, just like our farm families do. That’s why 100% of our proceeds go back to support them 100% of the time. #ThomasJeffersonBirthday

  • Robin Atcitty at 12:27am, April 13

    Nothing like a good piece of cheese with hot drink in the cool night out in Kingman, Azirona. Thanks Borden

  • Jeri Sue Schaefer at 10:08pm, April 12

  • Jeri Sue Schaefer at 10:07pm, April 12

  • Borden Cheese at 4:30pm, April 12

    Today is National Grilled Cheese Day. Although, we think it should be celebrated every day. Share this post for a chance to win free cheese for a year. #GrilledCheesePlease #BordenSuperFan http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104057146

  • Borden Cheese at 3:30pm, April 12

    Halftime FC Kansas City home opener is coming up. Who do you think will win the Borden String Cheese race? (Of course, if you're looking for a healthy, on-the-go snack for your kids, they're all winners.) #BordenSuperFan http://www.fckansascity.com/live-feed/

  • Borden Cheese at 3:00pm, April 12

    At the FC Kansas City match? Take a selfie with Elsie or at the Borden Cheese fan booth and post on our page. Don't forget to pick up a free water bottle (first 1,000 fans), money-saving coupons and other giveaways while you're there. #BordenSuperFan #SayCheese http://www.fckansascity.com/live-feed/

  • Borden Cheese at 9:00am, April 12

    Good luck to FC Kansas City as they take on Sky Blue FC today at 3pm at Sporting Park. Going to the game? While you're there, be sure to check out the fun events and giveaways from Borden Cheese. #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 1:16pm, April 11

    Thought you missed out on tickets to the FC Kansas City game on Sunday? Well you're in luck. The first two people to comment with your favorite Borden Cheese product will each get a 4-pack of tickets.

  • Borden Cheese at 8:45am, April 11

    We're Super Fans of FC Kansas City and you. So we're giving away family packs of tickets to the FC Kansas City opening day match at Sporting Park. Who do you think will win Sunday's game. Let us know for your chance to win a 6-pack of tickets to see for yourself. We'll randomly select one lucky fan at NOON.

  • Ashley G Thompson at 3:55pm, April 10

    My kids are both a #BordenSuperFan ;)

  • Borden Cheese at 3:00pm, April 10

    Want to be the ultimate soccer mom? How about taking the family to the FC Kansas CityCity home opener on Sunday? We'll give away a 4-pack of tickets to two lucky fans who let us know their favorite FC Kansas City player. http://www.fckansascity.com/2015/04/06/fc-kansas-city-announces-2015-final-roster/

  • Angel Minjarez at 6:13pm, April 9

    I had bought this cheese and I had made some food that involves cheese and when I had opened it it was all green n had mold n I had got the other bag of cheese same brand n it had the same problem I had always bought this kind and I never had this problem it was supposed to expire June 28 2015

    • Borden Cheese at 12:50pm, April 10

      Hi Angel, we're sorry to hear about this and would like to get some more information so we can take care of this for you. Kindly send us a private message with your phone number and we can give you a call.

  • Borden Cheese at 4:00pm, April 9

    It takes just one post or share to enter for your chance to win free cheese for a year. So let us know why you’re a #BordenSuperFan.

    • Megan Nicole Tilley at 7:05pm, April 9

      I could eat your cheese all day, everyday! #BordenSuperFan

    • Dana Matthews at 10:44pm, April 9

      #BordenSuperFan....that is me! I <3 <3 <3 your Gouda shreds! Always have it in the fridge!

    • Tammy Schiff at 7:18pm, April 9

      Awesome! #BordenSuperFan

    • Kathleen Walsh at 5:10pm, April 9

      Because I love cheese , cheese and more cheese and I have been a Bordon fan forever. I remember Elsie the cow from when I was a kid. #BordonSuperFan

    • Carmela Capano at 9:13pm, April 9

      #BordenSuperFan.cause it's the BEST cheese! Shared

    • Angela Meek at 10:49pm, April 9

      Because I think Elsie is Moovelous!! ;) #BordenSuperFan

    • Linda Knight at 6:58pm, April 10

      love cheese!

    • Heidi Shreve Salisbury at 7:17pm, April 9

      I am a #BordenSuperFan because I only buy your cheese. It is delicious and inex. Fits perfect in my budget.

    • LMarie Weeks at 6:38pm, April 9

      We are a #BordenSuperFan family unit because we indulge daily!! Cheese us pleese <3

    • Donna Porter at 3:08am, April 11

      I am a #BordenSuperFan because it tastes sooooooo good!!

    • Suzanne King at 7:26am, April 10

      Borden is my favorite and it's always my first choice.

    • Carla Williams at 6:34pm, April 9

      I'm a #BordenSuperFan because it is the best tasting cheese out there!

    • Doris Taylor at 8:33pm, April 9


    • Melissa Shaulis Mazzur at 8:03pm, April 9

      I am a #BordenSuperFan.

    • Timothy Simpson at 4:31pm, April 9

      Because it's the best thank you for the chance to win you are the best! Liked shared and love it! #BordenSuperFan for life!!

    • Mary Mcmenamy at 5:00pm, April 9

      because im loyal #BordenSuperFan.

    • Cole Norma McKinnon at 7:03pm, April 9

      I am your number one fan!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Madeline Lonergan at 4:58pm, April 9

      #BordenSuperFan, I love cheese and Borden's is an excellent choice!

    • Pamela Summers at 7:11pm, April 10

      I love Borden Cheese because it taste better than any of the others plus it makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches #BordanSuperFan My kids think I'm the #BestMom when I make them!

    • Tracy Heyer at 10:28pm, April 9

      #BordenSuperFan cause I love cheese!! Shared

    • Nancy Wray at 6:44pm, April 9

      Because we love everything Borden!!! #BordonSuperFan

    • Kimber Cordz at 6:31pm, April 9

      It's the cow.

    • Wen Budro at 12:36am, April 10

      I'm a #BordenSuperFan because I put cheese on everything. And then I put more cheese on top of the cheese. I love cheese!!!!!!

    • Nancy Wolfe at 10:16pm, April 9

      I'm a #BordenSuperFan because your cheese is sooo good...:)

    • Chasity Smith at 6:40pm, April 9

      I'm a #BordenSuperFan because I refuse to buy anything else! I'm hooked on the flavor!

  • Borden Cheese at 11:52am, April 9

    Only 4 days until the FC Kansas City home opener. As a proud sponsor, Borden Cheese is giving away 4-packs of tickets to the match Sunday. Leave a comment below telling us why you're an FC Kansas City fan for your chance at this fun family outing. We'll randomly select two winners later today. http://www.fckansascity.com/sponsors/

    • Borden Cheese at 2:28pm, April 10

      Thanks for participating in our first giveaway. Winners have been selected. But stay tuned for more chances to win tickets later today and tomorrow.

    • Eileen Russell Colling at 10:24pm, April 9

      So glad that my the children who play soccer are able to have both a men's and women's soccer team in KC as role models. We went to a game last year at UMKC and was very impressed. Would love to go to support the team again!

    • Jessica Franklin at 8:48pm, April 9

      We love soccer! And having a women's team to be role models in our community is awesome! Love supporting home town teams!

    • Rikann Webb at 8:31pm, April 9

      My daughter & I are huge soccer & FCKC fans. We have never been to Sporting Park & would love to go for FCKC's home opener!

    • Katie Kozlowski Smith at 11:53am, April 10

      Grew up in KC playing soccer before there were girls teams in Shawnee Mission high schools. So proud of how far we've come and the level of talent we have on our FCKC team! Also my 8 year old left her first FCKC game with fire in her heart for soccer! She loves the whole team and can't wait to come out and watch again this season!

    • Dreama Donahue-Werner at 8:28am, April 10

      Pick me

    • Pamela Madsen at 2:20pm, April 10

      We support FCKC because own own daughters love soccer and the ladies on the team are great role models! It's an excellent family outing and we would love to take the girls to the game on Sunday- our anniversary!

    • Ashlie Dwyer-Beck at 7:28am, April 10

      I would love to go because my 7 year old daughter is a soccer fanatic and I would love to take her to watch the pros play!!!😊⚽

    • Paula Tuttle Nowak at 7:41am, April 10

      Soccer Is Life - my family could make the Nascar commercials "how bad do you have it?" for Soccer!!! ♥ We'd Love to watch FC Women start their road to another Championship! ♥

    • JoEllen Edwards Mullins at 10:34am, April 10

      We are fans because my daughter is a competitive soccer player, goalie and defender positions, and she is inspired by the hard work and dedication of these young ladies!!! The ladies are always willing to visit or have a photo op with young players such as my daughter!!!! Thank you all.

    • Jeri Sue Schaefer at 7:54pm, April 9

      Would love to be at opening day!

    • Marsha Barr Lampe at 7:32pm, April 9

      We are big soccer fans but have never been to an FCKC game. Would love to go!!

    • Sandy Askren at 5:44pm, April 9

      My family ever been and there. Six of us and will not. Get to go for. Know money

    • Sharon Hill at 5:23am, April 10

      FC Kansas City will miss me, if I'm not there!! I play A Big Part Cheering on our team!! Please Just Pass those tickets to me!! PLEASE AND THANKYOU!! I'll let them know who loves soccer!!! WHOOPWHOOP!! ROCK THE REINA!!! =) =P

    • Sharon Hill at 5:16am, April 10

      FC Kansas City gonna Miss me if I'm not there. I play a Huge roll Cheering on our team!! Pease pass me the tickets! And thank-you very much!!! WHOOPWHOOP!!!

    • Bonita Mckinzie at 5:55pm, April 9

      I've never been to a game

    • Shirley Smith at 7:55am, April 10


  • Borden Cheese at 4:40pm, April 8

    Borden Cheese is proud to sponsor FC Kansas City, the defending National Women's Soccer League Champions. Check out our page for tickets, promotions and other fun stuff — and we hope to see you at the home opener Sunday at Sporting Park. http://www.fckansascity.com/2015/04/06/fc-kansas-city-announces-2015-final-roster/

  • Borden Cheese at 11:00am, April 7

    Today is World Health Day. Did you know the amount of protein needed to build healthy muscles and bones changes with age? #StringCheese #ProteinPacked http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/protein

  • Easy Home Meals at 10:01am, April 6

    How are you celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month? We whipped up a blog with some of the tastiest grilled cheese recipes and absolutely love Borden Cheese's Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe! http://bit.ly/1JfuaVk

  • Kathleen Pirro at 9:07pm, April 5

    Are you going to ever bring back your "Cheese Kisses" from the 70's?

  • Borden Cheese at 10:30am, April 5

    Happy Easter

  • Borden Cheese at 4:00pm, April 4

    Here’s a final four everyone can root for … #FinalFour #CheeseMadness

  • Borden Cheese at 12:00pm, April 2

    Show us your love of Borden Cheese in April, and you could be our next big winner – that means free cheese for a year! Just use #BordenSuperFan.

    • Cynthia Stacey at 9:37am, April 14


    • Bob Morella at 9:07am, April 14

      Woot! Woot!! That's Me!!! Thank you so very much!!!! I am a #BordenSuperFan for sure!!!!!!!

    • Robin Carty at 8:58pm, April 14

      Way to go Bob Morella!

    • Jerry Watson at 3:39pm, April 14

      Borden Cheese,,makes me want to ge my back up off the wall and get down on it,,get down on it,,great song to listen to when making these grilled cheese #BordenSuperFan..yep yep..

    • Miguel Orama at 10:57am, April 14

      give me some borden american cheese... pretty please....